Getting a Library Card

Who can get a library card?
Anyone age 6 or older. If you live or work in Greenville, your library card is free. If you do not live or work in Greenville, you may get a card for a $30 annual fee.

How can I get a library card?
Come into to library at any time and fill out an application. If you live or work in Greenville, bring proof of residency or employment and a valid picture ID. Proof of residency could be a valid driver’s license showing your Greenville address, a piece of mail with your name and a Greenville address (such as an electric bill), or a signed lease. Not sure? Just ask. Proof of employment would be a pay stub showing you work in Greenville. Please be prepared to provide your physical address, mailing address, and a valid phone number. Children under 14 must have their library card application signed by a parent or guardian who will take responsibility for any materials that are lost, damaged, or any fines accrued.