New Adult Fiction – July 24, 2017

Benton, Janet Lilli DeJong
Bijan, Donia The Last Days of Café Leila
Blauner, Peter Proving Ground
Child, Lee No Middle Name
Crichton, Michael Dragon Teeth
Frank, Dorothea Benton Same beach, next year
George, Nina The Little French Bistro
Green, Jane The Sunshine Sisters
Grisham, John Camino Island
Hawkins, Paula Into the Water
Heathcote, Elizabeth Undertow
Johansen, Iris Night Watch
Kay, Edward At Rope’s End
King, Crystal Feast of Sorrow
Leon, Donna Earthly Remains
Mills, Mark Where Dead Men Meet
Nesbo, Jo The Thirst
Patterson, James 16th Seduction
Quick, Amanda The Girl who knew too much
Roberts, Nora Come Sundown
Sullivan, J. Courtney Saints for all occasions
Thayer, Nancy Secrets in Summer
Turow, Scott Testimony
Demaio, Joanne The Beach Inn
Thomson, Lorrie A Measure of Happiness
Thomson, Lorrie Equilibrium
Thomson, Lorrie What’s Left Behind
Waxman, Abbi The Garden of Small Beginnings

New Juvenile Fiction – July 24, 2017

Dewin, Howie Batman’s guide to being cool
Roehl, Tessa Belle’s discovery
Harris, Teresa Gabriela
Patterson, James Middle School: Escape to Australia
Richards, C.J. Robots Rule
Barnhill, Kelly The Girl who Drank the Moon
Derevlany, John The Knight’s Code: A Training Guide
Riordan, rick The trials of Apollo: The Dark Prophecy
Wolk, Lauren Wolf Hollow

New Easy Reader and Picture Books – July24, 2017

Astley, Neville Peppa Pig: George catches a cold
Bennett, Elizabeth Happy Valentine’s Day
Busse, R.R. Meet the Team
Busse, R.R. The Guardians save the day
Dean, James Pet the Cat and the Treasure Map
Lemke, Donald Batman: Poison Ivy’s Scare Fair
Berenstain, Mike We Love baseball
Dean, James Pete the Cat and the Tip-Top Tree House
Korte, Steve I am an Amazon Warrior
Korte, Steve Meet the Heroes
Marsham, Liz Maze of Magic

New Juvenile Nonfiction – May 30, 2017

Zobel, Derek A-10 Thunderbolts
Marsico, Katie Bridges
Kemmeter, Jennifer Build it! Vol. 1
Kemmeter, Jennifer Build it! Vol. 2
Kemmeter, Jennifer Build it! Vol. 3
Kemmeter, Jennifer Build it! World Landmarks
Marsico, Katie Drones
Squire, Ann O. Extreme Experiments
Burgan, Michael Food Engineering
Burgan, Michael Genetic Engineering
Squire, Ann O. Moose
Sexton, Colleen Praying Mantises
Marsico, Katie Self-Driving Cars
Landau, Elaine The Moon
Landau, Elaine The Sun
Malam, John You wouldn’t want to be a skyscraper builder
Malam, John You wouldn’t want to be a worker on the Statue of Liberty
Graham, Ian You wouldn’t want to be in the First Submarine
Graham, Ian You wouldn’t want to be on Apollo 13
Graham, Ian You wouldn’t want to be on the first flying machine
Ratliff, Tom You wouldn’t want to work on the Brooklyn Bridge
Graham, Ian You wouldn’t want to work on the Hoover Dam