Columbian Manufacturing Company

Chamberlin Free Public Library applied for and received a major grant to conserve and digitize ledgers of the Columbian Manufacturing Company, the earliest textile mills in Mason Village (Greenville) and New Ipswich.  This grant will preserve these very important historical documents and, for the first time, allow public access to the digitized versions of the ledgers for study and genealogical research.  This preservation project was made possible through funds received from the sale of the New Hampshire Moose Conservation License Plates and is administered by the New Hampshire State Library.

Be aware: these are very large, high-resolution files!

1829-1833 Account Ledger (95 Mb)

1839-1849 Account Ledger (132 Mb)

1849-1890 Account Ledger  (300 Mb)

1844-1891 Account of Stock  (190 Mb)

1839-1861 Sundries (272 Mb)