Chamberlin Free Public Library Policies



Library Card Registration

All patrons who borrow materials must be registered with the library’s automated circulation system.  Registration information will include the patron’s name, mailing address, telephone number, date of birth, e-mail address (if applicable) and signature.

Library cards will be issued to any resident over the age of six, but anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian co-sign the registration form as the responsible party.

Photographic proof of identity and Greenville residency will be required to obtain a library card.

Patrons must notify the library of any changes to their registration information.  Failure to do so may result in a temporary suspension of library privileges.

Cards are issued for a period of three years and can be renewed.  Registered patrons with no circulation record for a period of two years will be contacted to verify current information.  Any patron that cannot be contacted by telephone, email, letter, or in person to verify current information will be placed on an inactive status and may not check out library materials until registration information is made current.

Lost library cards will be replaced for a charge of one dollar.

In-house Use

Within the library building, the use of Chamberlin Free Public Library’s resources is free to all, regardless of place of residence.

Resident Patrons

Borrowing privileges are free to all residents of Greenville, NH.

Nonresident Patrons

Greenville property owners who reside elsewhere are eligible for a library card free of charge. Proof of Greenville property ownership will be required.  All other nonresident users desiring borrowing privileges may purchase a library card for $30 per year.


Teachers employed by the Mascenic Regional School District (SAU 87) are eligible for a library card free of charge.



Patrons assume responsibility for all materials checked out from the library.  Parents or guardians assume responsibility for all materials checked out from the library by their minor children (younger than 18 years of age).

Check-out Periods

All circulating print and audio materials are checked out for two weeks. DVDs and other video materials are checked out for one week.  Art prints are checked out for 90 days.  Patrons may check out a reasonable number of books, at the discretion of the on-duty librarian, but there is a limit of two DVDs or other video materials per patron card.


Patrons may renew materials. Renewals may be made in person, by telephone, by e-mail or via the library website. Print materials are normally limited to two renewals.  DVDs are limited to one renewal.  If there is a hold on any library material by another patron, that item may not be renewed.

Non-circulating Materials

Non-circulating items include certain reference materials and portions of the New Hampshire collection (including town reports). The use of other library materials may also be limited at the discretion of the librarian.

Reservations and Holds

Patrons may reserve or place a hold on library materials. Patrons are notified by telephone or e-mail when materials become available. Reserved and held materials must be picked up by the requesting patron within one week.

Museum Passes

Patrons may reserve a museum pass for a specific day, in person, by phone, or via the library website up to two weeks in advance. Passes may be picked up three days or less before the date on which they will be used. Passes must be returned in person within two days after the date they were used. If a patron loses a museum pass, the patron shall be charged for a replacement pass.

Interlibrary Loans

Chamberlin Free Public Library participates in of New Hampshire Interlibrary Loan system.  We do not charge fees for interlibrary loan service.

Any registered patron may request to borrow materials not available in the library’s collection through an interlibrary loan.  Materials obtained through interlibrary loans are normally lent to Chamberlin Free Public Library patrons for two weeks. Renewals may be possible within the loan periods granted by lending libraries.

When a patron has lost or damaged a book that library has borrowed through the interlibrary loan, they are responsible for cost of the replacement book and any processing fees assessed to Chamberlin Free Public Library by the lending library.


The library does not charge fines for overdue materials with the exception of DVDs and other video items, which have a $2 per day, per item fine (excluding days the library is closed).  Patrons with any outstanding video fines may not check out more video materials until the fines are fully paid.  Also, patrons with overdue fines in excess of $10.00 may not check out any non-video library materials.

Lost or Damaged Materials

Lost or damaged materials are the responsibility of the patron. The full cost of replacement materials, as determined by a librarian, plus any costs incurred securing a replacement, must be paid to the library.  Replacements offered by the patrons cannot be accepted.

Overdue Materials

Patrons are normally notified by telephone or Email when library materials are one month overdue. Patrons with long-overdue materials (more than one month) will not be permitted to check out additional materials until the materials have been returned or the patron has paid for them. Patrons with any outstanding video fines may not check out more video materials until the fines are fully paid.  Also, patrons with overdue fines in excess of $10.00 may not check out any non-video library materials.

If materials are three months overdue, notices will be sent by certified mail and will include the text of RSA 202-A:25, as follows.:

RSA 202-A:25 states: “Any person who willfully detains any book, newspaper, magazine, manuscript, pamphlet, publication, recording, film, or other property belonging to or in the care of any gallery or museum of any state, public, school, college, or other institutional library, may be given written notice to return it, which shall bear upon its face a copy of this section, mailed by certified mail to such person’s last address or delivered by a person designated by the lawful custodian of such property; and if such person shall thereafter willfully and knowingly fail to return such property within 15 days after such notice, the person shall be guilty of a violation.”

In extreme cases, a copy of the final notice may be sent to the local police and, if necessary, the library reserves the right to seek recovery in small claims court.



Acceptable Use

Chamberlin Free Public Library does not monitor or filter our Internet service.  The library has no control over the information accessed through the Internet and cannot be held responsible for its content. It is the patron’s responsibility to use this resource wisely. Internet resources accessible through the library are provided equally to all library users. Parents or guardians, not the library trustees, director or library staff, are responsible for the Internet information selected and accessed by their children.

Library Internet workstations must be used in a responsible manner, respecting the rights of others, and by careful use of the equipment. Any intentional damage to the computer, its software, or its peripheral devices is the responsibility of the user. Abuse of the equipment or the service may result in the user being denied further access.

Prohibited Content

(NH Criminal Code Title LXII Chapter 650 -Obscene Matter)

Chamberlin Free Public Library is committed to providing an environment free from sexual harassment. Displaying sexually harassing material on screens is prohibited.  Also, accessing sexually explicit or obscene materials is expressly prohibited.

Patrons using the Chamberlin Free Public Library computer network, whether the library’s equipment or their own electronic devices, are bound by the same restrictions regarding sexually harassing material and sexually explicit or obscene materials.  Violation of this policy will result in suspension or termination of library privileges.

Limitations on Computer Use

Patrons using library computers may be subject to reasonable limitations, which include, but are not limited to, the following:

At the discretion of the library staff, access time on library computers may be limited to one hour during busy service periods.

Only one patron may be at a computer station unless otherwise authorized by a librarian.

Files of any type may not be downloaded to library computer hard drives. Patrons may use personal USB storage devices for downloading.

Patrons are not allowed to shut down computers.

Computer and Internet settings may not be changed by patrons.

The computer equipment cannot be used for any fraudulent or unlawful purpose, including any activities prohibited under any applicable federal, New Hampshire, or local laws.

Violation of this policy may result in suspension or termination of computer access.


Black and white printing will be free of charge for school reports (grades K-12). Printing for all other purposes is available at a charge of 10 cents per page for black and white and 25 cents per page for color. The printers shall not be used for bulk copying.


Outgoing fax service fee is $1.00 per page, up to a maximum fee of $6.00.  Incoming faxes are free of charge. Faxes may only be sent within the United States.


Most library materials as well as information available on the Internet are copyrighted. It is the patron’s responsibility to be aware of copyright notices and to respect the copyright laws of the United States.

It is unacceptable to use the library’s computers, the Internet, printers, copying machines and electronic and print resources in a manner that violates copyright law. Violations will result in suspension of library privileges. Unacceptable use includes, but is not limited to:

Unauthorized downloading, uploading or file sharing of copyrighted material, such as music, video files or other copyrighted works.

Purposes that are illegal, unethical, harmful or fraudulent.

Purposes that violate fair use.

Section 107 of the U.S. Code on copyright (17USC107,  http://www.copyright.gov/title17/92chap1.html#107 ) addresses the fair use of materials and provides for limited copying and reproduction of copyrighted resources for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research.




Use of the library may be denied or restricted by the Board of Trustees or the director for due cause. That authority is derived from New Hampshire RSA 202-A:6, in which the library trustees have the “entire custody and management of the public library.” Under RSA 202-A:11,1, the trustees “adopt by-laws, rules and regulations for its own transaction of business and for the government of the library.” The Chamberlin Free Public Library trustees base their policies on this statute.

Such cause may be failure to return books (RSA 202-A: 25), destruction of property (RSA 202-A: 24), disturbance of other patrons or other objectionable conduct (RSA 644:2 et al). The director or librarian may ask a disruptive patron to leave the building, however all restrictions longer than twenty-four (24) hours requires the Board of Trustees approval.

Patrons who continue to violate the behavior policy or pose a threat to the comfort and safety of other patrons and staff may have their library privileges suspended for a time period specified by the Board of Trustees on the recommendation of the director. The individual may request a non-public meeting (RSA 91-A:3) in person with the library trustees.

Prohibited Behaviors

The right to use Chamberlin Free Public Library is extended to every person However, no patron shall engage in behavior that is prohibited by, but not limited to, the following activities on library property:


Theft of items owned by the library or library patrons.

Damaging, defacing, destroying, or misusing library property, including building, grounds, collection, and equipment.

Any conduct that interferes with the use or enjoyment of the library by other patrons.

Any illegal act.

Being under the influence of or in the possession of alcohol or any controlled substance.

Obstructing any entrance, exit, or passageway.


Soliciting, canvassing, campaigning.

Bicycling, in-line skating, skateboarding, or using other such devices on library walkways and steps.

Firearms in the Library

New Hampshire law permits the possession and use of firearms. It is understood that some patrons may carry a concealed weapon into the library. Patrons armed for self-defense must use common sense when bringing firearms into the library. Any person who uses a gun in the library to intimidate or threaten a patron will be immediately reported to the police.



Chamberlin Free Public Library welcomes children to use its facilities for customary library activities. However, responsibility for children using the library rests with the parent, guardian, or assigned chaperone, not with library personnel. Parents need to be aware that Chamberlin Free Public Library does not have legal “provision of care” responsibilities. For the protection and well-being of children using the library, the following policy shall apply:

Children 10 years of age or younger must be accompanied and supervised by an adult or a teenager (16 years or older).

Disruptive young people will be asked to leave the library.

Library staff cannot provide food, transportation, or money to children.

Library staff cannot take legal responsibility for a child in a medical emergency.




Reservations for Meetings

While Chamberlin Free Public Library does not have a designated public meeting room, a portion of the library can be reserved, at the discretion of the library director or Board of Trustees, for small public meetings as long as they do not conflict with other scheduled library functions.  A request form for such meetings is available at the library.

Holiday Closings

Chamberlin Free Public Library shall be closed on New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day and the day following, and Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Emergency Closings

Chamberlin Free Public Library close for a variety of emergency conditions, such as storms and power outages.  Notice of closures will be posted on WMUR television and, if possible, on the library’s web site, www.chamberlinlibrary.org.

Service Animals and Pets

Service animals are welcomed; however, other pets are prohibited in the library.

Trustees Meetings

Chamberlin Free Public Library Board of Trustees meetings shall be open to the public as described in the NH Open Meeting Law (RSA 91-A:2). Notice of meetings shall be posted in at least two public places at least 24 hours beforehand. Minutes of meetings shall be available at the library within five days of the meeting for public scrutiny.  Normally, Board of Trustees meetings are normally held on the second Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m. in the library.  The meeting schedule, along with any changes to that schedule, will be posted on the library’s web site and Community Channel 21.

Library Public Notice Board

Announcements of community interest from nonprofit organizations, individuals, schools and government agencies may be displayed on the bulletin board in the library. The director or librarian will display materials when requested. No materials, leaflets, or posters that advocate the election of a political candidate may be displayed on library property.

Reconsideration of Library Materials

Chamberlin Free Public Library believes all patrons are free to accept or question any materials, displays or programs it offers.  While consideration of all patrons’ tastes and opinions is fundamental in choosing library acquisitions, displays and programs, it is understood that some patrons may disagree with library choices. Therefore, Chamberlin Free Public Library adopts the following Reconsideration of Materials Procedure:

Written requests for removal of library materials or objections to programs or displays will be considered by the library trustees. Forms for such requests are available at the circulation desk.

The trustees will review the merits of such requests at the next scheduled meeting. A response to the request will be made within 30 days of receipt by the trustees.

During reconsideration, no changes will be made in materials, programs or displays.



Donated Materials

In accordance with NH RSA 202-A:4-d, Acceptance of Personal Property Donated to Libraries:

Chamberlin Free Public Library shall retain the right to accept or refuse any donation offered to the library.

The library will accept only those items that will serve a useful purpose in the Library. Acceptable materials include:

Hardcover fiction and recent non-fiction.

Trade and mass-market paperbacks in good condition.

Audio books on CD – Must be operable and include original casing with artwork.

DVDs – Must be operable and include original casing with artwork.

Music CDs- Must be operable and include original casing with artwork.

Gently used children’s books.

Other items deemed usable by the library.

Materials that are dirty, moldy, smelly, or water damaged, or have yellowed pages, missing covers or pages, excessive markings, or damaged bindings or pages are not accepted.

The library retains the right to dispose of any items it has accepted that no longer serve a useful purpose, if they become unusable because of damage or wear, or there is no longer space for those items to be used. The library has no obligation to inform the donor of its intent to dispose of the items.


Chamberlin Free Public Library will protect the privacy of all patrons with respect to information sought or received, and resources consulted, borrowed, acquired, or transmitted. Accordingly, the library will treat as confidential all records containing patrons’ personal identifying information.

When Release of Information is Required by Law

RSA 201-D:11 identifies the circumstances under which a New Hampshire public library must disclose information about a user to a third party. Those circumstances are (1) when requested or authorized by the user, (2) pursuant to a subpoena, (3) pursuant to a court order (including a search warrant), or (4) when otherwise required by statute. Chamberlin Free Public Library will limit disclosures of such information to these four circumstances and to the extent necessary for the proper operation of the library.

The USA Patriot Act

One of the situations in which Chamberlin Free Public Library may be “otherwise required by statute” to disclose user information arises under the federal statute entitled the “Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism (USAPATRIOT) Act of 2001. Under the SAPATRIOT Act, federal authorities may obtain an order from a special federal court (the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Court) to access the records of a public library. If Chamberlin Free Public Library were served with such an order, the library could be required to give the federal authorities user information and would be prohibited from disclosing that fact to the user.

Actions the Library Will Take

When a member of the library staff is served with a subpoena or court order requiring the disclosure of patron information, or if the staff member is otherwise approached by law enforcement authorities in connection with the staff member’s work at the library, the staff member shall immediately refer the matter to the director, who will in turn refer the request to the library Board of Trustees.

It is the responsibility of the trustees to handle all such inquiries from law enforcement authorities. When possible, trustees shall seek the advice of counsel before complying with any court order or subpoena requiring the release of user information.

Patron Information Collected

Because Chamberlin Free Public Library respects the privacy of its users, it is the policy of the library to maintain user-specific information including:

The name, date of birth, address, telephone number and e-mail address of each person or family with circulation privileges.

A record (if any) of the current and immediately preceding borrower of each of Chamberlin Free Public Library’s circulating  materials.

A record of patron’s circulation history, including titles of materials, and dates these materials were checked out, renewed and checked in.  This information of kept solely for the convenience of the patron.

Records of Interlibrary Loan transactions.

Patron List

Chamberlin Free Public Library’s patron list will not be available to anyone except library employees.

Statistical Information

The library keeps ongoing statistical information about library use. Such statistical information does not identify specific users.

Collection and Use of E-mail Addresses

Patron e-mail addresses gathered by Chamberlin Free Public Library shall be used only by the library to contact patrons regarding overdue materials or to update current patron information. They shall not be used for any other purposes nor shared with any other organization or individual.